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Montrose foundation is a not-for-profit NGO, dedicated to working for the underprivileged, and anyone or any cause that may be affecting the society adversely, and cases in which even small gestures may go a long way.

Having the aim and ambition to bring together the more privileged section of the society to work in the direction of doing their bit, because as we know, every drop counts and makes an ocean, so with this motto, we are bringing together a Fashion Runway event to raise funds for Cancer Patients and providing a platform to such Cancer Survivors as well to generate awareness towards life after the battle, and also how important it is to feel an empathy for the person going through such dilemma.

The show intends to bring new life to the fight against this life-threatening disease…..

Vishal Montrose

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Our MRFW Team

who support us in all our events, from planning to execution

Vishal Arthur Montrose


Manish Kumar